• Ok I did sit in on the on line course on the paperless agent. At the end of the session I did sign up to have the monthly information. I wasn’t able to sign on right away so I was wondering if you can send me the sign on information again. I an really ready to get started and what is the difference in the session that I attended
    and the red marketing course to get gain a certification in. I am new to the business and are anxious to use the paperless agent in my listing presentations from the beginning of my first listing.
    Mary Farrington

    • Hi Mark! This post is from October 30th, so “this Thursday” actually meant November 5th. Sorry for the confusion! Also, this was an invitation to join one of our public webinars. The REDM course is going to be a separate thing altogether 🙂 You can learn more about it here: http://red.marketing/

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