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What’s New with REDM in 2017?

What’s New with REDM in 2017?

Lots of our REDM members have been asking us, “What’s next for the REDM Certification?”

We’ve been listening to your feedback and brainstorming new ideas, and we’ve come up with an exciting roadmap for 2017.

So if you’ve completed REDM, started the course, or are thinking about enrolling… Here are three major updates you can expect to see this year:

Updates to the Consumer Facing Website,

In case you didn’t know, is the consumer facing website designed to represent you to homebuyers and educate them on the benefits of working with a REDM agent. This year, is going to get a major facelift.

First, we’re going to add new features to your REDM profile. REDM profiles allow homebuyers and other agents to find a REDM agent in their area. Starting in early 2017, you’ll be able to add unique and pre-prepared content to your agent profiles. This will allow you to showcase your knowledge and add a more personal touch to your profile page. What’s more, we will also be expanding the national advertising campaign promoting the REDM certification, so more homeowners will be exposed to and aware of REDM.

REDM Certification Marketing and Press Kit

Many of our REDM graduates had the same question: “How should I tell everybody about this certification? How do I let people know?” To help you get the word out your sphere, we’ve been working on a REDM Graduation Marketing and Press Kit.The Graduation Kit will contain all the tools and templates you need to let everyone know about your new expertise and how your skills will benefit them. You’ll get social media posts, slides for your listing presentation, Facebook posts, press release, and more.

REDM: Live!

Many of you also said you felt overwhelmed. You didn’t know where to start. You couldn’t find time to finish. And so on. So to help, we’re offering a more structured learning experience: REDM: Live! For REDM: Live, we’re going to live proctor the REDM certification course. We’ll break down the content into weekly learning and assignments. And it will be interactive! You’ll be able to interact with the other students, instructors, and more! The ultimate goal of REDM: Live is to provide a structured, engaging, and interactive environment that will help you implement what you learn and start seeing results!

We’ll have more information on REDM: Live later today, so stay tuned!.


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