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Business Advice for 2017: How to Deliver a Better Quality Promise


How to Level Up Your “Brand Promise” in 2017 Think of yourself as a business owner It’s common for real estate professionals to not think of themselves as business owners. But the reality is, all real estate professionals ARE business owners, and you can learn a lot about your real estate practice by looking at

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Getting on Google: Online Search Strategies for Real Estate Agents & Brokers


Do you have an online search strategy? A recent poll of our readers found over 75% of real estate professionals don’t have a strategy for getting found by their customers online, through the most popular search engines… and for those who said they did, most were using methods the search engines stopped using to rank search

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Showcasing Your Competitive Edge


Like we shared yesterday, our mission is to help agents help agents learn the skills they need to sell real estate the right way. Just skim through our blog, and you’ll find tips and tricks for marketing real estate (and marketing yourself) using digital strategies. BUT once you’ve acquired those skills, you need to educate

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