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How to Break into and Dominate a Local Market (Even If You Don’t Have Any Listings There!)

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How to Break into a New Market Interested in expanding your business by breaking into a new market? Many of you have shared with us that you’re interested in increasing your average sales price, having better marketing strategies to expand your number of listings, and more. But before you begin investing your time and resources

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Page Features Your Website NEEDS If You Want to Generate Leads (Plus Campaigns to Boost Your Website Traffic and More!)

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What Is a Landing Page? If you want to generate leads from your website, landing pages are a must have. Essentially, a landing page is any page a visitor can arrive at or “land” on. It’s a page you can send clients to gain specific information, such as to learn more about your local market, view a listing,

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What’s New with REDM in 2017?


What’s New with REDM in 2017? Lots of our REDM members have been asking us, “What’s next for the REDM Certification?” We’ve been listening to your feedback and brainstorming new ideas, and we’ve come up with an exciting roadmap for 2017. So if you’ve completed REDM, started the course, or are thinking about enrolling… Here

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